Well, hello there...

I am Pamela, the owner, and creative visionary behind Pamela Perrin Photography. I have always been inherently creative with a vigor to make something impactful. Something of such significance, that it could change the course of one's day with laughter, love, and/or a feeling of wondrous adventure! I have found that in photography.

I am your Northern NY based pro photographer specializing in weddings, growing families, and stunning portraits that will have people thinking you're Beyonce's long lost sibling. I also specialize in people. So more than likely, we will become BFF's and share many laughs. Everyone has a unique story and authentic personality. I aim to capture it.

I fell into photography while pursuing my visual arts degree (and tan) @ the Art Institute of Miami. I began polishing my craft with fine art film photography and from there, my love for people came into play. I have always been captivated by human emotion, so capturing authentic moments filled with genuine love and laughter is essential to my art. As a mother of 2 girls, I've learned how precious and fast moving life really is. When I take a photograph, I am freezing a moment of that precious time to hold onto and cherish forever! How cool is that?! I'm basically supernatural. Haha. No really. You'll see.

In my personal life, I am chasing my little girls into all sorts of adventure (and trouble), singing like a Disney princess (for real though you guys, I am also a part time pro musician...bonus for those family sessions! #letitgo), and eating endless amounts of pasta.

Photo credit - Vita Bella Portraits