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Working Together

I LOVE what I do. I am reminded of that fact with every single wedding I document. Wedding photography (at least for me) is so much more than just showing up and "snapping photos". I get to know you. It's essential for me to connect with your vision and familiarize myself with who you are as a couple to best capture your unique love. Given my industry expertise, I also double as your fairy wedding "guide" to help create a seamless timeline that allows me to capture everything that is most important to you.

Let the convo begin!

We are NOT photogenic. Will you pose us?

Fear not! You and every other couple out there feel the same. Unless you're a professional model, knowing what to do in front of a giant lens can be intimidating. This is where I come in. I help guide my couples through "actions and prompts" to facilitate natural reactions and genuine smiles! I understand lighting / posing that best flatters my subject, and I am here to make sure you know what to do with your "hands". Along with my candid approach to photography, I am also mindful to capture the important formal / traditional shots as well.

How many photos will we receive?

This all depends on how long you hire me for, and how your wedding day flows - but I promise, you will NOT be underwhelmed. I personally curate and edit all of your best photographs in both color and BW. This eliminates the need for my couples to sit and sift through thousands of wedding photos to determine their gallery all on their own. Trust me, you will not be missing out on any "good ones". I spend hours culling your gallery, to be sure every beautiful moment is included in the final gallery.

How long until we receive the photos?

Most weddings are typically edited in roughly 6-8 weeks. This may seem like a long time, but it's an essential piece of the artistic puzzle. The photos you see in my portfolio are all individually hand edited / colored by me. I also check for distracting elements that may need to be eliminated from your photos. In my eyes, each and every photo is a work of art!

Should we provide you with a "shot list"?

Most shot lists you'll find on social media consist of a long list of "must have" photos throughout a wedding day. And yes, these shots are necessary! But, as a seasoned wedding photog, I can confidently assure you that most of these shots (and more) are already on my radar to capture. I anticipate these moments instinctively and capture them naturally. Should you decide to give me a "list" of photos, it can be a distraction for me. I will be concentrating on the specific list at hand rather than the moments unfolding before me. DO provide a shot list for family photos, however! This is one area I do need your help on. You know your families, relationships, and groupings that are most important to you - so absolutely make THAT list. :-D

Will you shoot/edit my photographs like this other photog?

What you see in my portfolio reflects my shooting / editing style. Rich true-to-life coloring/edits, warm skin tones, backdrops my subjects can stand out upon, in magnificent lighting! If what you see here in my portfolio does not resonate with your vision, I am probably not your photographer. And that's ok! Be sure to work with an artist who's portfolio you LOVE and connect with.

1 / 5

Kate & Greg

I could tell Pamela was talented by her portfolio on her website - but we're blown away by the photos we received. The BEST thing you can do for yourself on your wedding day is HIRE PAMELA and let her do her own thing! She knows how to make you look your best and get "the shot." I would 100% recommend Pamela and can't wait for an opportunity to work with her in the future!

1 / 5